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This is a personal view, with some interesting pictures, some company and personal history, and some stories.     Granville

Updated March 2016, with new Robert Wisehart page.    I am Director of Process Technology and Senior Programmer Analyst with Sector Supply, the leading telecom equipment supply company, and responsible for their SectorSoft business and process control software. I have also written 'Thai Insider: Chiang Mai', with Robert Wisehart, an in-depth guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

With my wife Sidney

With Richard and Louise

Sidney at home.


Top five lists

See some of my 'Top five' lists - cities, restaurants, hotels, photographers, people from history, etc.  Add your own Top five suggestions!


This is where you will find some of my stories, like 'Champion Fighter', 'The Hallowed Ground and U-Boats', 'Sarah and David & the New Forest Pony', and 'Winnie the Pooh & the Po-hum'.

Companies and Programs

A short history of companies from Granville Kirkup Camera Repair to Telmar Network Technology, Newport Blues and Studio Cafe.  Some of the computer Programs I have designed, from Service Manager to Topics.


Photos and stories from Asia and Europe.