China 1993

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The cruise ship 'Ocean Pearl' was to be our home for the next ten days in China.
We had a very nice cabin with a big window.
The route would take us from Tianjin, to Dalian, Nanjing and the Yangtse river, Shanghai, Ningbo and end up in Hong Kong.
Life boat drill!
The Ocean Pearl was a small cruise ship based in Asia, with just 400 passengers.
Dalien was our first port of call...
We were met by a band and dancing girls...
And curious dock workers!
Dalien was occupied by Japan in World War II, then by Russia until 1954. There are still signs in Russian, and this park is called 'Stalin Square'.
One of our group wore this jacket to make sure she would not get lost.
Military life starts young in China!
Our guide explained the 'One couple one child' policy in China, and took us to a kindergarten run by an Industrial Cooperative.
Lots of young doctors and nurses in evidence.
These young Chinese doctors will soon be in a medical building near Newport Beach's Fashion Island!
Back to the Ocean Pearl. We quickly learned that an advantage of having the ship is to be able to go 'home' every night.

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