In November 2006 we went to Jumby Bay in the island of Antigua, in the British West Indies.  We were there for our wedding, and we were joined by our guests, Sidney's parents, Helen & Don Yeaman, and my sisters, Barbara Haywood and Carol Harrison.

Antigua is a beautiful island, with 365 beaches - one for every day of the year! We stayed at Jumby Bay

Lunch was always eaten outside

The beach bar was a fun place for a drink - Jumby Jamborees were particularly popular!

We went to the beach every day

Sidney trying the local beer

Don Yeaman looks at home at 'Hemingways' in St Johns, which may have been named after him!

In the evenings we often had dinner at The Estate House, which had an interesting tropical bar

Helen, Granville, Sidney, Carol, Barbara and Don

Carol with the jazz singer at Jumby Bay

Carol, Granville and Barbara. Note my Jumby Bay hat!

The beach, from one of my favorite spots (the beach bar!)

Evening at the Estate House