1964 Aston Martin DB5

One of my early cars was this 1964 Aston Martin DB5. British Racing Green. I bought it when it was about a year old, but couldn't keep up with the repair and service bills. In recent years it has been completely restored by its' present owner. It's probably worth a hundred times what I paid for it in 1966!

This is a 1964 DB5, in British Racing Green. I owned it from 1966, for a couple of years.

It was an expensive car to run - every time it went for repair work it cost 10% of the cars price!

The present owner had it completely restored down to the bare metal.

I sent him the original DB5 handbook, which I had kept as a souvenir!

The stick is manual of course, and on the left! Steering wheels were pretty narrow in those days, too.

Really nicely done leather upholstery.

They don't make Aston Martins like this any more!


This was me in my days as an Aston Martin owner. (1966)