Bondfield House, Yoxall

Shortly after I was first married in 1971, I bought a 17th century georgian farmhouse in the village of Yoxall, Staffordshire, for £16,000 (about $24,000). It was very dilapidated - holes in the floors and roof. I spent about 18 months completely renovating the property. It became a landmark house in the village, and I was sorry to leave it when we left for America ten years later.

Bondfield House before renovation. Note the missing window, bottom right.

I worked for 18 months on the renovation before we moved in.

Living room before renovation. We built a sunken seating area and a new fireplace.

Kitchen. We removed the big old furnace and brick oven to allow access to the conservatory.

The front door was at various times, yellow, red and black!

Yoxall Village and the village shop, Tudor Stores.

Who is this handsome young man?

Bondfield House after renovation. The missing window is now replaced!

You changed gears on the Citroen 2CV with something like an umbrella handle!