Hong Kong

I first went to Hong Kong with my daughter Louise in 1992.  Hong Kong is a thriving and exciting city.  At that time it was part of the British empire, but is now owned by China.   There are two main parts of Hong Hong - Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.  The Star Ferry runs between the two, and the efficient subway trains run underneath the harbor.   The Hong Kong airport near the harbor used to be an exciting place to land - your jumbo jet would make a turn at the last moment, and you would see into people's apartments!  Nowadays they have built a big modern airport on Lantau island, some way away from the city.

A British pub called Mad Dogs was on busy Nathan Road.

Mad Dogs for breakfast!

Sidney and I at Mad Dogs in 1993, our first trip overseas.

The open air fish market.

Hong Lok Street bird market.

Birds in cages at the Hong Lok Street market.


In October 2010 we went to Hong Kong with our friend David:


In Hong Kong there are open-air fish markets where they sell snakes, wriggly eels, and cut up live frogs!  In Mongkok there is a well-known bird market on Hong Lok Street.  Hong Hong people take their caged birds to the market to meet other birds!   Nowadays, because of Asian bird flu, it's best to stay away from bird markets.