Koh Samui

The Thai island of Koh Samui is much smaller than Phuket.  It's also on the opposite side of the Thai/Malaysia peninsula.  Koh Samui used to be a backpacker's destination, but they have now built some good hotels.  I've been there several times  - it's always fun to go to another part of Thailand.

Koh Samui is a beautiful small island.  We stayed at 'Poppies', a Thai-style hotel.  The road outside flooded every day - not a tsunami!  The bar and restaurant are right on the Gulf of Thailand. Another popular waterside restaurant is 'Dr Frogs'.

In November 2009 I went back to Poppies in Koh Samui with my brother-in-law Bill Harrison.

Bill Harrison at Poppies, a beautiful small hotel

Outside my room at Poppies

The 'Big Buddha' on Koh Samui

Monks at the Big Buddha

There are also some curious statues in the Big Buddha park

And even more curious onlookers!