Thai Orphanage Project

While at Telmar, I organized two fund-raisers for orphanages in Thailand - one to build an orphanage their own well.  Social services in Thailand are almost non-existent, and orphanages are pretty much on their own.  Most are run by monks or religious orders.

Since that time, Michael and I have organized a donation to an orphanage every year - not always the same orphanage.  Usually this takes the form of a truckload of rice, food or drinks.  But we have also been to the orphanages with friends to help feed the children.  These photos are of a big orphanage near Bangkok, run by monks.  We were introduced to the aged abbot with much ceremony, sitting low on the floor, and being careful not to point our feet at him.  The children were all very polite and well-behaved, and seemed happy and well-cared for.