Phuket is a tropical island in the south of Thailand.  I have been there several times - fortunately not when the tsunami hit the island in 2004.  Sidney and I were last there in 2003, when we met her mom and relatives there - they were visiting from Singapore.  Amanpuri, one of the original Amanresorts hotels is in Phuket.  They gave us 'Amanjunkie' tee shirts as frequent visitors!   Nearby is 'James Bond Island', used in one of the Bond movies.   We explored the islands in small boats.

Some years ago, Don Burnell and I were in Phuket, and a we got to know a girl named Su Li Latt who worked at our hotel.  Every day she would borrow the business section of our Bangkok Post for a moment, then hand it back.  We asked her why that was, and she said, "My father he has lobertrees".  We looked at her blankly.  "Laboratories?"    "No, lobertrees.  Lober trees!"   "Oh, rubber trees!"   She was checking the daily price of rubber!   You see large areas of rubber tree plantations in Phuket.  On our next trip to Phuket, several years later, we asked about Su Li Latt.  She had gone to Japan to work, and never been heard of again.