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My good friend Robert Wisehart is the author of three Sam Houston novels, Born for the Storm, The Lion at Bay and The Rising - and the excellent Cabo series of novels featuring PI Ethan Cruickshank. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Wisehart is a former award-winning journalist who worked as a reporter and columnist for newspapers in Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, and California. His work has appeared in more than 30 magazines and 200 newspapers. Robert lives with his wife, Dana, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Thai Insider: Chiang Mai

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Written by Granville Kirkup and Robert Wisehart.



When a powerful real estate tycoon’s wife is kidnapped for a ransom, former P.I. Ethan Cruickshank once again finds himself on the trail of justice in Robert Wisehart’s Cabo, an engrossing crime novel set in beautiful, and sometimes dangerous, Cabo San Lucas. Along with the local Chief of Police and colorful new friends, Cruickshank is swept into an investigation that initially turns up more questions than answers. As he and his team relentlessly track down the kidnapper, they soon learn that nothing is as it first appears. With thrilling espionage, evocative imagery and a perilously perplexing plot, Cabo makes for fast-paced entertaining fiction.


Cabo Revenge

Drama, betrayal and mystery draw part-time P.I. and rogue-for-hire Ethan Cruickshank into the cliffs, beaches and bays of Cabo San Lucas as he hunts for a bail-jumping sex offender. Plagued by his own inner demons, Cruickshank is joined by a cast of intriguing characters as he picks up the trail. Cabo Revenge, part of Robert Wisehart’s Cabo series, explores a place where the setting’s natural beauty conceals a multitude of sins. Enjoy page-turning crime fiction with plots twists and turns in Cabo Revenge.

This is the second Cabo book to be published, but I think it's the first one in chronological order.


Cabo Sunset

Cabo Sunset, the third installment in Robert Wisehart's gripping crime series, finds troubled P.I. Ethan Cruickshank involved in his most personal case yet. When threats are leveled against a wealthy media magnate, Cruickshank is called upon to find the culprit, and it isn't long before he's once again getting his hands dirty—even bloody—in the exotic setting of Cabo San Lucas. Beset by physical and mental conflict, Cruickshank must navigate an intricate maze of betrayal, deception and greed in an attempt to find a killer.


Cabo Storm

A spoiled, intemperate Hollywood actress blows into beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, churning up everything in her path—not least the becalmed career of private eye Ethan Cruickshank. Scarred by a hellish childhood ordeal, Ethan has always wielded his tough-guy insouciance like a shield, screening off a vulnerability that lately—since wife Dina’s death—has pushed him into the emotional equivalent of a tropical depression. He needed something to jar him back into action, but this particular case and this sexy—if predacious—client were not what he had in mind. A tabloid bad-girl whose real life misadventures have overshadowed her inconsequential roles, Rio LeDoux is desperate for a comeback. Her business manager tabs Ethan to keep the star safe and fend off further scandals. Playing glorified babysitter on a location movie set isn’t his thing, but when the case suddenly evolves into a missing-person hunt, Cruikshank returns to peak form. Danger gathers like storm clouds just beyond the lovely Baja horizon as the investigator races to solve two mysterious disappearances while a Pacific hurricane bears down on the peninsula resort. Full of suspense and surprises, Cabo Storm delivers a Category 5 wallop. Fans of author Robert Wisehart, as well as newcomers to his Cabo series of thrillers, won’t want to miss this new Ethan Cruickshank adventure.

The Lion At Bay: A Novel About the Life of General Sam Houston

Sam Houston stares down the political opposition with his trademark fortitude and courage in Robert Wisehart’s riveting historical novel The Lion at Bay. A sequel to Born for the Storm, this book continues the saga of one of the United States’ most colorful heroes by focusing on Houston’s later years, beginning with the death of his father figure and dear friend, Andrew Jackson. As Texas joins the US, Houston is elected first as a senator and then governor. As rumors of secession begin to plague the country prior to the Civil War, Houston shows dogged determination and political savvy as he maneuvers to keep Texas out of the Confederacy, something that ultimately costs him the governorship. Enduring assassination attempts, political foes, defeat and more, Houston tries desperately to lead his beloved Texas and stand his ground. History comes alive in this entertaining depiction of Houston’s life.

Born For the Storm: A Novel About The Life of General Sam Houston

Soldier, lawyer, statesman, hero, ladies’ man, drunk: General Sam Houston’s colorful biography comes to life in Robert Wisehart’s action-filled historical novel Born for the Storm. This book traces Houston’s beginnings as a teenage runaway living with the Cherokee and being adopted by the chief. At nineteen, his story continues as a soldier at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend where he begins his lifelong predilection for collecting serious war wounds. The book recounts example after example of Houston’s incomparable drive and commitment that propel him to leadership positions within the army and government. His passion and courage is no better exemplified than when he uses his cane to beat a US congressman who pulls a gun on him for an offense of honor, something for which he is later brought to trial. Houston became the only person in history to be the governor of two different states and leave both before the end of his term under storms of controversy. Join the general as he makes friends (and enemies) with stalwarts of American history such as Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, and James K. Polk. The stormy life of the legendary and uniquely American character Sam Houston comes alive in this hard-to-put-down novel.


The Rising: A Novel About the Life of General Sam Houston

Sam Houston, one of the most mercurial and contradictory characters in U.S. history, was a statesman, orator, drinker, brawler, and so much more. In The Rising, Robert Wisehart picks up where he left off in his brilliant historical novel Born for the Storm, about the triumphs and tragedies of Houston’s early career as a headstrong soldier and protean politician. This exciting sequel finds Houston—the former U.S. congressman and failed governor of Tennessee—in Texas, where he has been appointed general of the newly proclaimed republic’s revolutionary army. Vividly evoking the hardships and dangers of that muddy frontier struggle, Wisehart brings to life the cool-headed commander’s inspired balancing act as he keeps his badly overmatched army—ill-supplied, untrained, and on the verge of outright mutiny—out of harm’s way while he plots his one, desperate chance to prevail against the arrogant Mexican dictator Santa Ana. As in Born for the Storm, novelist Wisehart narrates Houston's story not as a musty history lesson, but as a rip-roaring adventure. The reader hears the echoing hoofbeats and the crack of flintlock and percussion-cap rifle fire that punctuate swirling political and cultural currents of an 1830s Texas inhabited by English-speaking Texians and Spanish-speaking Tejanos, delicately allied in their rebellion against Santa Ana’s overbearing Mexican government, and also by a colorful assortment of fortune-seekers from the Carolinas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ireland, and England, all of whom find their futures suddenly dependent on the perilous struggle for Texas independence. Readers who enjoyed Born for the Storm will find this book a more-than-worthy continuation of the story, and an essential transition to The Lion at Bay, the final installment in Wisehart’s Sam Houston trilogy.


Coming Soon

Coming soon from Robert Wisehart, 'And Hell Followed with Him', a story of the Civil War, the American West, and one man's tragic fate.


Robert Wisehart