Round The World 2007

In October 2007 we set off on a round the world trip that would take us to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, London and back home to California. In Singapore we met our friends Sophie and Larry Cripe, and went with them on the Eastern & Oriental Express train, from Singapore through Malaysia to Bangkok Thailand.

The trip didn't start out too well - we got to the Cathay Pacific check-in desk at Los Angeles airport and were asked 'Where are your paper tickets?' Who has paper tickets nowadays? Well, it turned out, we did, and they were at our travel agent's office! Sandy our travel agent had to make a very quick journey from Irvine to LAX while we anxiously stood by and waited. Things did pick up after that, though one night we found ourselves in Mumbai India - India was not on our itinerary! It turned out that our flight from Bangkok to Dubai made a stop in India. We were not allowed to get off. On our British Airways flight from Dubai to London they served us tea and biscuits on a silver tray. Why can't all flights be like that?

The head office of HSBC bank in Hong Kong - I call this the coat hanger building!

Kids in a park in Hong Kong

This was in a park!

Outside the famous Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, the skyscrapers of Pudang behind me

Shanghai shopping street

Kids in Singapore

Snake charmer fan in Singapore!

Mugging with the statues of Singapore


Waiting for the E&O train in Butterworth, Malaysia

The Eastern & Oriental Express train in Penang

There is an observation car on the back of the train

Sophie and Larry Cripe joined us on the train

The dining car

At the River Kwai bridge in Thailand

Kids practicing English at the River Kwai British cemetary

On the E&O train

The owner of the Prasart museum, Bangkok Thailand

Larry and Sophie Cripe on a long tail boat on the river in Bangkok

Coooking school at the Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai

One of the students

We had to eat what we prepared!

Flowers at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai

The Siam Celadon tea room, Chiang Mai Thailand

The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

In Dubai there is a ski slope in the shopping mall!

In a Dubai hotel