Singapore and Raffles

Singapore is a 'city state' - a country that comprises just one city.  Beginning with the airport, it is beautifully clean and modern.  Chewing gum is banned, and the laws are generally strict.  Raffles Hotel in Singapore is an Asian landmark.

Raffles is a beautiful white building with polished wood and marble floors and British colonial furniture.  The first time I went with Sidney, they gave her a first-edition Somerset Maugham book, which he wrote at Raffles, inscribed and signed by the manager.  Every evening, they leave a short story on your pillow.

Outside Raffles (note ever-present shoulder bag when in Asia), a good spot to read in the shady courtyard, and outside the Somerset Maugham suite.

While at Raffles some years ago, I wrote a short story called 'Elanor The Frog'.