Telmar Noyes Avenue

After an early start at Sky Park Circle, we consolidated our offices at a 14,000 sq ft building at Noyes Avenue, in Irvine, CA. We later added the adjoining similar-size building behind us on Richter Avenue, and later part of the warehouse next to that. We also had the Apics building over the road. This was a busy and exciting time for Telmar.

Telmar Noyes Avenue exterior.

Lois Weyler in the office. Granville and Mark behind the screens!

Sue Lowenthal.

Mark Manganella.


Eric Masters, in the Pennsylvania office.

Chuck Hoyt, and Becky when she worked in the PA office.

Becky Manganella, note the Topics screen.

Chris Kirkup and Mark Manganella outside the Apics building.

Gary McMullin signing a Bell Atlantic contract.

Craig Brechner and Becky Manganella.

Dierdre, Mark, Becky and Robert Arias.

Telmar Sacramento offce. Mel Santi, Granville Kirkup, Vi Barrett, Jerry Constance.

Dierdre, Lois, Becky, Sue and Tiffanie.

Kristy Perry, Rich's assistant.

Mel Santi, Tiffanie Lu & Lois Weyler.

Becky. Fax machines kept running all day!

Loleta Witherspoon, our second employee at Noyes Avenue.

Rich, Dierdre, Becky and Mark.

A Topics search screen. We had windows before Windows!

Sue, Becky, Granville and Lois. What's with all the black shirts?

We took this to send to a competitor - their prices high, Telmar prices low!

Dierdre and Becky helping Ken to build more offices!

Ken Mockett's kids, Ashley, Tianna and Kendyn.

General view of the Noyes Avenue warehouse.

Craig Maris in the clean room, packing a shipment. Rich using Topics warehouse.

We would often have big loads of telecom equipment to inventory.

The warehouse from the Richter building. We had adjoining buildings.

Our Fedex driver posed while we took several brochure photos.

Orders ready to be shipped - labels out!

A warehouse aisle. Our quality rules specified a maximum box height.

Some of the warehouse crew!

Mike Cassai loading a truck.

Bill Boyer in a test lab.

A test lab in the Richter building.

Our Nortel DMS-100 switch.

Test frames in one of the Richter test labs.

Linda Schroeder, test lab supervisor.

Linda Farr, test lab technician.


With Harrison Wilson of Stonebridge Partners, and my attorney Doug Higham.


With Mike Bruno, the Chairman of venture capital company Stonebridge Partners.

Telmar was sold to the venture capital firm, Stonebridge Partners, in 1999. It is now owned by Warburg Pincus, who also own the telecom information company, Telcordia (formerly Bellcore).