Telmar Sky Park Circle

Telmar's first office was at Sky Park Circle in Irvine.  Chris (sales VP), Sue (sales) and Granville (warehouse and everything else) worked at that location.  Though we had little money, we made an offer to buy all of BellSouth's surplus plug-in material.  We were a bit shocked when we won the bid!   We quickly needed to add more warehouse space.  So we leased next door, then next door to that.  By the way, 'Telmar' was a name that I thought our customers would think they had already heard of.   We would always call new telephone company customers as if they already knew us!   We also had a proud tag line:  'An American Telesis Company' - American Telesis was Telmar's first corporate name.  We had to ditch that when Pacific Bell's attorneys wrote to say that 'Telesis' was their word, so please stop using it!

Sue Lowenthal and Chris Kirkup outside Telmar's first office in Sky Park Circle, Irvine.

Chris, first VP of sales. The blue sales order forms were used before Topics managed the sales order process.

Our first warehouse, with the inventory we bought from BellSouth.

Granville driving the forklift. It cost $5,000 and lasted for many years.


As well as programmer and part-time company president, I was the full-time warehouse guy and shipper!