Saigon Vietnam

Sidney and I went to Saigon in Vietnam in January 2010. This was our first trip to Vietnam. Saigon is a thriving and busy city, and the traffic is unbelievable. Mostly motorbikes, but they do not stop for you! To cross the road you have to step out into the traffic and expect that they will go around you!

Street scene in Saigon

The Hotel Continental

Traffic in Saigon is mostly motorbikes - thousands of them!

We found this wedding scene in progress

Signs in the streets

It's easy to forget that Vietnam is a communist country



Street signs in Saigon

Thee are many colorful street vendors, they will sell you water or laminate your driving license!

The Palace of Reunification. North and South Vietnam were reunited here

Inside the Palace of Reunification

The ex-President's helicopter on the roof

Tanks in the grounds