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Beach house photos

Click on any one to see a larger photo.

My old beach house in Newport Beach was a local landmark.  It was one of very few homes on the beach with a lawn - half of the lot was grass.  Japanese tourists would stand in front and photograph the house!  We also had a fake black cat in the window.  We would hear people walk by and say 'Is that a real cat?'  Then they would come by again, and say, 'Look, it still hasn't moved!'

In 2003 I sold the house to Scott Cross, a local builder and developer.  He demolished it, and built a larger house in its place.  I liked it so much, I bought it back! 

When we moved back in, he had saved me the fake cat from the window, and it's now back in its rightful place in the front window of the new house!   We have always had a dog to keep her company.


We have a 15ft deep patio in front of the house, facing the beach.  No soil, but Sidney decided to create a 'garden at the beach' there!  So we met Lance Ogata of Armstrong Garden Centers, and he designed us a small garden in eight redwood planters, with automatic drip watering.   Here is Lance's plan:


The redwood planters are now in.  These are are first photos, a couple of weeks after the garden was planted.  

In one corner is a pygmy date palm.  In the redwood pots are gardenias, red ridinghood, white, golden dew drop and orange sedge and cormans frosted curls grasses.  Phorminium Jack Spratt.  Beacon silver and blue waterfall.  Roses, iceberg, double delight, Mr. Lincoln and St. Patrick.


May 2006.  The flowers are out, and we have a new barbeque.


We had a lot of red and white roses, but people sometimes bring scissors at night and cut them!

We also have tame ducks.. 


For four years, every summer the same three ducks come to the beach outside our house - our neighbors feed them every day.  We call them the 'Big Love' ducks, as there is a male and two females.  They wait to be fed every morning and evening.

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