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Bentley Arnage.  Click on a small image to see a larger photo:

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Bentley Arnage black label.
The interior is beautifully finished - made in Crewe!
The Arnage was a tight squeeze in the garage of my old beach house.
Black label means that it has a Bentley engine. They made a few 'red label' cars, with a BMW engine.
I have always liked the look of the chicken wire grille.
The Arnage shows much of its Rolls Royce heritage. Bentley are now taking their cars in a new direction.

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In 2001 I wrote a 'customer feedback' letter to Bentley Crewe about the Arnage, suggesting ten small points that could be improved on the car - child seat mounting bolts on rear shelf could be recessed, CD player could be in the boot instead of the central console, that sort of thing.  Manufacturers rarely respond to suggestions, but when I visited the factory in May 2006 (yes, they did let me in!), I took a look at the latest Arnage.  Pretty much all of my suggested improvements have been made.   The CD player is now in the boot, and the big bolts on the back parcel shelf are now recessed and hidden.

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