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Car photos    

I have owned some interesting cars such as these.  In less fortunate times I've also owned an old mini pickup, a Hillman Imp, and a bumpy Lotus Elan made from a kit.  Those cars don't appear on this page!

Click on the small images to see a larger photo.  More photo links below.

Car photos

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Citroen 2CV, outside the first Granville Kirkup Ltd. office in Walsall Wood.
Citroen 2CV at Bondfield House. We drove this car through France, where it didn't look so unusual!
Aston Martin DB5, a real classic.
My first Rolls Royce, Bondfield House in the background, 1976.
Lu with a Silver Shadow I bought from scrap dealer Charlie Blackout, about 1977. I thought the badge bar looked cool!
Ferrari 328 GTB. I owned this one for a while in England. Fun, but hard to get into, and difficult to drive!
Bentley Arnage, black label.
Bentley Continental GT, at my previous house at Ironwood.
Volkswagen have done a great job with the new Bentley. Is is hand made at Bentley Motors in Crewe.

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More car photos:

   Aston Martin DB5 photos  Ferrari 328 GTB photos

   Bentley Arnage photos  Bentley Continental GT photos


  • I believe in writing to companies, not to complain but to suggest ways in which they could improve their product or service.   In that way, I may have invented memory seats!   I owned an early Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which had six-way electric seats.  Very nice, but if someone else drove the car and adjusted the seat, you had a hard time getting back to how you wanted it.  So I wrote to Rolls Royce, and suggested that the electric seat could have a 'memory' setting, and explained how that could work.  They never answered of course, but two years later, the Silver Shadow II came out, with memory seats, exactly how I had described them!   Nowadays, many cars have memory seats.

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