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I went to China with Sidney in May 1993.  We flew to Beijing, and visited the Great Wall of China.  Then we joined the small cruise ship 'Ocean Pearl' and visited Tianjin, Dalian, Nanjing, Wuxi and the Yangtse river, Shanghai and Ningbo.  We ended up in Hong Hong, entering the harbor at dawn standing on the bow of the ship,  watching the skyscrapers appear through the mist - a great sight.

So why vacation in a 'communist country' like China?  We found it to be very different to what we had expected.  The Chinese people were up-to-date and very friendly.   So read on..

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China 1993

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Tiananmen Square in Beijing, with Chaiman Mao. He's the one at the back.
Tiananmen Square was the center of the 1989 Chinese uprising. Government guides now say that the 'events of 1989' were the start of the new China.
The square is always busy with tourists, mostly Chinese. Some of them insisted on having their pictures taken with us!
We stayed at the Beijing Shangri-La, a big hotel on the outskirts of the city.
Within walking distance we found a 'people's park' and watched everyone enjoying their Sunday.
Chinese girls seem to dress up a lot.
Here I am trying to not looked miffed when I wasn't allowed to try local Chinese ice cream in the park. It did say 'Walls'!
These are little toys for sale for kids.
Beijing's Forbidden City was the home of China's emporers and off-limits to ordinary people for more than 500 years.
Now, even foreigners are allowed in!
Many people are in uniform in Beijing.
We had dinner with Roland Decorvet in Beijing. He works for Nestle there, and we met him through a mutual friend.
The Great Wall of China was our next stop. It is known in China as 'The Wall 10,000 Li Long', about 3,700 miles. It look over a thousand years to build, though they took a long break in the middle.
The red & white badge this brave explorer is wearing is a 'tour visa', which they asked us to wear the whole time we were in China.
The wall stretches as far as you can see.

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