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Our UK base is now a flat in London on the river Thames, in the Shad Thames area.  Shad Thames was an area of warehouses and wharves built in the 1800s for the spice trade.  The warehouses have now been converted into upscale flats and lofts.  There are several good Conran restaurants in the area.

We have worked with Juliette Byrne, a London designer, to remodel the flat.  Contemporary styling is new to us, after the more traditional house at Rangemore, but we have made it comfortable.

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London flat

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We are close to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, on the River Thames
One of the local pubs
Terence Conran owns several local restaurants, including Pont de la Tour
Pont de la Tour also has a small market
There are some good food shops nearby
A wine shop in Shad Thames
Shad Thames has many old warehouses and wharves, now converted into flats, shops and offices
Another view of Shad Thames
The walkways overhead were once used to transport barrels between the warehouses

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