Here are some photos of our musician friends!

As the owner of Studio Cafe, I got to know many of Orange County's best musicians, and their friends.  Here are some of them:   (3 pages, click on an image to enlarge it, then spacebar to run a slide show)

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Photo tip:  To run a slide show, click on the first photo to enlarge it, then press the space bar.

Here are some more musician photos by Sue Bustamante:

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Musician web site links:

  •   Tricia Freeman

  •  KK Martin

  •  Deanie Wood (site temporarily off)

  •  Martin Gerschwitz.

  •  Elaine Miles

  •   The Voodudes

  •   Venice

  •  Mark Lennon

  •  Orion

  •  Kenny Hale

  •  Vibe Tribe, Brad Fox

  •   Nephew Spencer & Amy's band rehearsal studios in St Louis

  •  Brother-in-law Philip Burnell's band, in England


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