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Email According to Pooh

The thing about email”, said Pooh, “is that you have to use it to make it work.  The more you use it, the more it works.  The more it works, the more you use it.”  He liked the sound of that.  (Pooh liked to make up little rhymes, and sometimes would sing them to himself, just for the fun of it.)

“Of course it does”, said Piglet.  “Everybody knows that.”

“But what I mean is”, continued Pooh, as if there had been no interruption, “if you send email to a fellow who doesn’t read it for a fortnight, he won’t send you an answer.  So you have to go to his house, cap in hand - or at least cap on head, er, that is if you wear a cap - and ask him yourself.  There’s no fun in that at all, is there?”  He rubbed a paw against the side of his face, reflectively.  For a Bear of Little Brain, having your email not read was a Very Big Problem.

 “The best thing is”, replied Pooh in his best ‘summing up voice’, “to check your email often, and send stuff right back.  That’s how these things work best, I’ve found.

Pooh and Piglet sat and drank their tea, and had a whole biscuit each.  Sometimes the best days were the days when Very Big Problems were solved.




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