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These are some of the computer programs I have designed or written:

  • Service Manager.  This began as a Microsoft Basic program I developed to help run Granville Kirkup Ltd, the camera repairers.  When I moved to America and Colorado in 1981, I developed it in UCSD Pascal, for the Denver Software Company, on the Apple III.  I also wrote the user manual.  (In those days, computer programs came with user manuals!)   I still have a couple of these programs in shrink-wrapped boxes.


  • Able One, Able International.  I developed an integrated spreadsheet/word processing program, with Harald Blakeslee, formerly CEO of Denver Software.  For a while we worked at the offices of Otrona, a startup computer maker in Boulder Colorado.  Written in Microsoft C.  We were overtaken by Lotus 1-2-3.


  • AMS/Realstar, Century 21.  I worked with a team in Aurora Colorado to develop a system to run Century 21 real estate offices.  The programs were written in UCSD Pascal.


  • TRIM - The Rental Industry Manager, for First National Computer Corporation, of Dallas.  They designed and I implemented this software system to run rent-to-own stores.  Written in UCSD Pascal.  I worked mostly from home in Colorado, but spent some time in Dallas also.


  • Docket Calendar/Critical Dates, for CompuLaw Inc.  (Catchy name, eh?)   This was a calendar program for attorney's offices, written in UCSD Pascal.  They designed it and I implemented it.   These people tried to sue me because I wouldn't work for them again after I had started Telmar.


  • Optima, Optima Retail Systems, Laguna Hills.  Optima moved me to California, where I joined a team developing a clothing store management system (hardware and software).  Written in Microsoft C.  For the first time I was a junior member of a big team.  Not much to my liking, as I was used to being the boss.  I used to sharpen pencils for excitement, and go home for long lunches.  But then they switched to dBase III, which was a great computer language to learn.  Gary McMullin was one of my bosses.  He came to work for me at Telmar a couple of years later.

  • Topics, Telmar Distributing Company.  The big one!  Topics was written in Clipper (a compiled dBase language) and became the centerpiece of Telmar - it ran our sales offices, warehouse, shipping and billing.  The program grew extensively with the company.  I f0und the combination of programmer and company president to be very effective.


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