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 Telmar Logo is a leading supplier of plug-in material and an approved supplier to Regional Bell Operating Companies. Were ISO-9002 registered by Bellcore and meet or exceed the most demanding quality standards of our customers.

We have an inventory of over half a million plug-ins immediately available, and can quickly source material if required. Youll save time and money by using Telmar as your one-stop supplier for all of your replacement plug-in needs.

An ISO-9000 Registered Supplier of Plug-in Material


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TOPICS:  A powerful computerized system unique to Telmar

Our TOPICS system sets the industry standard for information processing in the re-use industry. TOPICS controls our entire operation - from receipt of your request, through the processing of your order, printing of the final shipping labels and billing. TOPICS is linked to the Bellcore COMMON LANGUAGE database to provide instant validation of HECIs and part numbers.

With TOPICS we can label shipments ot meet our special needs, and ship directly to an unlimited number of locations, error-free, every time. We can provide instant reports and analysis of your plug-in requests, purchases and savings.


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Our test technicians perform quality checks to exacting ISO-9000 standards.

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Our in-house test center, fully-equipped to test the plug-in equipment that we supply.


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Final assembly of your order takes place in an air-conditioned `Cleanroom under strict ESD conditions.

We have complete EDI and data-exchange capabilities, and our database tracks the entire re-use market.

Telmar provides substantial savings on plug-in equipment, in an ISO-9000 environment. We are an innovative company, and can significantly reduce your plug-in replacement costs.

We can supply the plug-ins you need, when you need them!

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